Gender based violence negatively affects the physical and psychological health of millions of women and girls. Adolescent girls are especially vulnerable to violence where legal frameworks do little to protect their rights.

Preventing violence against young women anywhere in the world requires a layered approach.  It takes an approach that intersects the violence with other facets of women’s and girl’s lives such as their health, their livelihoods and their relationships with men and family.  It is critical that we include men in the conversation.

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  • Child Marriage: Child Marriage is a form of violence.  The practice restricts girls’ choices and denies their rights. Everyday 37,000 girls are forced to marry before age 18.
    Infographic: Lives of Child Brides
  • Rape: 97% of rapists are never incarcerated
    Infographic: Why tackling violence will unleash the potential of millions of girls
  • Trafficking: Trafficking is a complex and twisted issue that has the tentacles to envelope entire families. Women and girls make up 80% of the estimated 800,000 people trafficked annually; 79% are trafficked for sexual exploitation
  • FGC: More than 100 million girls and women have undergone female genital cutting and more than 3 million infants and children are at risk annually
  • Domestic Violence: Domestic violence alone costs approximately $6billion in the U.S.