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Are you a Present Purpose Network Woman?

According to Forbes, the world’s wealthiest women on earth have a combined net worth of $160 billion. Let’s use it to make a difference.

Once you’ve joined the network you’ll be a part of a learning, collaborative environment. You’ll learn about the issues affecting women around the world. You’ll learn about the best practices in women’s philanthropy and how to ask the questions and find the information be an informed donor. You’ll build relationships with both fellow donors and the grassroots women leaders on the ground. You will be able to nominate projects for funding and you’ll vote on how and who we give to.

Most meetings take place virtually although there will be opportunities for us to work together in person. Every donor in our network will have a chance to roll-up her sleeves and work with our projects on the ground – building relationships and strengthening our partnership.

Your purpose will be to enable other women to fulfill their purpose.

The PPN woman is interested in building relationships and working with other women to be a changemaker. She seeks the sense of community, collaboration and impact that PPN offers


The Present Purpose Woman:

  • Understands the joy of purposeful giving
  • Values networking and learning
  • Shares our values
  • Wants to develop or envision herself as a philanthropist
  • Is excited by building partnerships and relationships with women leaders on the ground
  • Believes every woman is valuable