Integrate Bristol

Integrate Bristol aims to give young people a voice, a platform for expressing their views and ideas. Integrate Bristol also campaigns against all forms of Violence and Abuse Against Women and Girls, (VAAWG), and promote gender equality; they aim to raise awareness and education around these issues through their creative projects. The practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) is a horrifying reality in the UK. Although strictly illegal, the practice still continues and laws set in place to protect children do not adequately ensure the protection of girls from practicing cultures. Girls are not only being taken abroad and subjected to the physically and psychologically traumatizing effects of this mutilation, but here, in England, ‘cutters’ are performing FGM within our communities. Much of our work involves supporting those in the community who are bravely trying to eradicate this humiliating and harmful practice, through various educational and creative projects. We also push for changes to the current policies surrounding FGM in the UK.

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