Pacific Links Foundation

Pacific Links Foundation (PALS) launched An Giang/Dong Thap Alliance for the Prevention of Trafficking (ADAPT) in 2005 to lead counter-trafficking efforts at the frontiers of Vietnam by providing access to education, shelter and reintegration services, and enabling new economic opportunities.

ADAPT operates in regions that are most vulnerable to human trafficking, starting in the Mekong Delta in the South at the Vietnam -Cambodia border and expanded tothe North at the Vietnam-China border. Extreme poverty, high unemployment, and porous borders are some of the factors that contribute to the vulnerability of girls and women being trafficked for labor and sexual exploitation.

ADAPT leads the counter-trafficking efforts at the frontiers of  Vietnam- providing shelter, reintegration services, increasing access to education and economic opportunities. Operating at the Cambodian and Chinese borders where over 70% of trafficking from Vietnam occurs – here young women and girls face the
highest risk of being trafficked for sexual and labor exploitation.



Listen to founder Diep N. Vuong talk about her journey to the United States and the realities of fighting human trafficking in Vietnam. 

ADAPT is a project of the Pacific Links Foundation