Economic Empowerment

Women’s economic empowerment is a direct gateway to gender equality, poverty alleviation, and economic growth and prosperity.

present purpose economic empowerment infographWe know that women spend more of every dollar they earn on their families, yet their ability to earn that dollar is impeded by discrimination, policy and exploitation.

Women need access to jobs, they need policies and laws that allow them to take out loans and own and inherit property. We aim to support programs that empower women to participate in the economy.

ICRW highlights the powerful impact of women’s economic empowerment:

  • When women farmers can access the resources they need, their production increases, making it less likely that their families are hungry and malnourished.
  • When women own property and earn money from it, they may have more bargaining power at home. This in turn can help reduce their vulnerability to domestic violence and HIV infection.
  • When women have access to time-saving technologies – such as a foot-pedaled water pump or a motorized scooter – economic benefits can follow. ICRW research has found that technology helps women increase their productivity as well as launch income-generating pursuits and entrepreneurial ventures. Those kind of outcomes empower women to become stronger leaders and to more effectively contribute financially to their families, communities and countries.

Access to economic opportunities is a woman’s right, a right that benefits her, her family and her community.